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Eddie Vedder goes Into The Wild


On Columbus Day last week I found myself pretty much the only person I know with the day off so I ended up taking myself to see Into The Wild, a film I had really been looking forward to seeing go into wide release. For anyone who grew up reading books by Gary Paulson and Jack London, Into The Wild is a movie you’ll want to see and most likely will then want read the book of the same name that the movie’s screenplay was adapted from.

Other than the great direction and adaptation by Sean Penn and cinematography by Eric Gautier, it is Eddie Vedder’s mostly original soundtrack that is getting a preponderance of the film’s attention. Now not much of a Eddie Vedder fan (I stopped paying attention after Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy was released), I was surprised to find that these songs are actually pretty good and serve the film quite well. But the best song in the film “Big Hard Sun” (well second best if you count this one) is actually a cover, originally released on the 1989 album Big Harvest by the Canadian musician Gordon Peterson who performed under the monkier, Indio. And in a fine choice of musician casting, Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney takes the place of Joni Mitchell on the original for Vedder’s version, doing some excellent backup vocals, that in my mind, make the song.

Download “Big Hard Sun” (mp3) by Eddie Vedder from the Into The Wild soundtrack via Prefix Magazine.

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