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Princeton – Bloomsbury EP


Yes, basing songs upon classic literary works and-or their creators at first always seems pretentious, even ColinMeloyian, but hey, if it was good enough for the likes of Iron Maiden and David Axelrod who are we to disagree. Enter Bloomsbury, the new 4-song EP from Eagle Rock, CA’s own shaggy academes turned shaggy indie rockers, Princeton. All glib – borderline sarcastic introductions aside, Bloomsbury is well put together and accessible, surprisingly so when you consider the lyrical focus on early 20th century London intellectuals and the long list of instrumentation.

“In Waves” opens things up with a bouncy piano rag, soon countered by roaming strings and gallivanting woodwinds amidst a choir of hand claps. It all finishes in a primal yet joyous clamor, fit for an Endor Ewok jam. “Ms. Bentwich”, probably my favorite song on the EP, opens with pastoral sounds and picks up with strings and a crackling harpsichord, as much Davies as Bach. “Leonard Woolf” and “Eminent Victorians” follow suite, with even a touch of Lou Reedesque vocals sneaking in the the verse of the latter.

Throughout Bloomsbury are Kivel’s vocals in the foreground, locked in mid range, sitting atop the fete of strings, horns and winds, like a bard spinning tales. It’s in this direct storytelling aspect that many of Princeton’s proclaimed 60′s international influences come through the most to me. Unembellished and ultimately resolved, the songs are lyrically complete creating a nice duality with the musical flourishes that seem to swirl as the vocals remain anchored.

MP3: Princeton – Ms. Bentwich

Pre-order Princeton’s Bloomsbury EP directly from their Myspace page.

Princeton will be playing a Monday night residency at the Silverlake Lounge this July.

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