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Getting Excited About The New Bronx Album


I must have missed the memo when this new Bronx track was released online in June in conjunction with the band’s stint on this past summer’s Warped Tour, no doubt because after spending one too many of the my summers on that tour, my brain automatically filters out anything that has the words warped and tour positioned next to each other. But now with the news that a release date for the Bronx’s third self-titled album has been set – November 11th – I am finding myself jamming out to “Knifeman”.

MP3: The Bronx – Knifeman

Though the band has always down played their signing to Island/Def Jam, I still believe it to be one of the better Rock N’ Roll swindles. Band plays a couple of shows, signs to major for a $150,000 (a tidy sum, but still a small amount when you think about what the majors were still handing out back then), negotiates the release of their debut on their own newly formed label (White Drugs), tours and builds a fan base, releases major label debut that results in poor sales (in terms of major label expectations), band uses major’s money to build own recording studio (someone correct me if I am wrong as to which label’s money it was), band parts ways with major, band goes back to self releasing their own albums.

Fucking awesome.

And though I’m sure it was more complicated than this, it seems like the band was able to pinch a few pennies from the bank of IDJ, build a solid infrastructure and fan base all the while minimizing their dealings with the major, and when IDJ finally realized they don’t know what to do with rock bands (especially one of the Bronx’s nature), the band are now set to do it on their own in an environment that is much friendly and lucrative to artists self-releasing.

Doods should give Topspin a call pronto!

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