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VOICESVOICES announce the release of a new Prefuse 73 produced EP on Manimal Vinyl


VoicesVoices photo by Jesse Plume

LA’s VoicesVoices played their first show back in Los Angeles last night at Spaceland since returning from New York City where they spent two weeks recording with Guillermo Scott Herren a.k.a Prefuse 73.

When I read that VoicesVoices recorded with Prefuse 73 in NYC, I got pretty excited, I can’t think of a better combo. So to fulfill my own personal curiosity of how the recording went, I pushed the band for a comment.

Recording was amazing! For two weeks Guillermo slept on the couch, and he gave us his bed. We laid down some new vocals and reworked some of the songs on from our Sounds Outside EP. They are pretty much all new songs now, along with a couple brand new songs we recently wrote. Guillermo worked like a mad-man mixing and recording, and he’s just the coolest, most down-to-earth, making-it-happen kinda guy. The songs sound great, and we can’t wait for it to be released on Manimal Vinyl around late August – or September. We fell in love with NY and can’t wait to go back on work on the full length. But we just can’t afford $10 packs of cigarettes in NY, so we’ll probably be smuggling them across the american-canadian border.

VoicesVoices recording in NYC May'09 w/Prefuse 73

VoicesVoices recording in NYC May'09 w/Prefuse 73

Also, Guillermo posted a quick update on his blog shortly after VoicesVoices announced via tweet that they were in NYC with him, where he explained why he decided to work with Nico and Jenean.

1. I have a hard time understanding how a band that sound so sick on just a raw live recording can still be selling e.p.s out of their trunk.

2. I want them to not have to sell e.p.s out of the back of their car, so I said I’m down to help them
produce their music and take it wherever they want to take it as far as my studio is capable.

3. I like the way they do business. There is no business. No money involved allows me not to be on the phone with a label dude.

4. They sang “Happy Birthday” to me the other day. That pretty much ruled in itself.

5. They kill it live. I can’t even categorize their music based on how they make it. It can be listened to in so many different ways.
O.K. – I don’t what else to say besides the fact that I’d never produce someone’s record when I’m in the middle of my own shit storm if I didn’t think it was already amazing as it is

I can’t wait to hear what Nico, Jenean and Guillermo have cooked up in NYC, I still listen to the totally hypnotic Sounds Outside EP all the time.

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