Inflight At Night


About IfAN

“Just some more assholes with computers and internet connections”

Mainly focusing on what’s going on in Long Beach, Los Angeles and Orange County, please feel free to email if your band is touring through the area or if you are a local act.

In addition to myself, my brother Scott and friend Midnite contribute a post or two when they get a second, putting to good use some of those English degrees of theirs and making it painfully obvious who was the business major in college (you’re lucky I don’t write entirely in bullet points).

Email any of us at info [at] inflightatnight [dot] com, though we ask you read the notes below first, that way we don’t waste any of each other’s time.

â—Š If you want an mp3 or a link to an mp3 removed, please just email us.

â—Š Help us out by listing your shows on Upcoming before asking to have them included in our calendar.

â—Š Do not send press releases without an accompanying pitch or blindly add our email address to your press release distribution list.

â—Š Before emailing, take look around and get a sense of what we write about, so you can see if what you want to send is even something that might be up our alley.

â—Š If you’ve determined that you think we may be legitimately interested in what you want to send, please do yourself a favor and give us some point of reference or reason as to why we should check it out, ie; your band sounds like or has been compared to so and so, or you are playing in Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach soon.

â—Š Please do not email us mp3s as attachments, instead please send them to our Soundcloud dropbox.