Inflight At Night


Sleepy Sun at The Echo this Tuesday; Interview with Brett Constantino

Well this was supposed to run in the new issue of LA Record, but got bumped when they ran out space covering the Los Angeles migration to Austin, TX next week for SXSW. Sleepy Sun who I have been a loud supporter of since first coming across the band last summer, are about to embark on a massive tour that kicks off Tuesday night at The Echo in Los Angeles and will take the band down to Austin for SXSW, up through the Midwest and on into Canada where they will take a 2 week break to record. From there they’ll hop a flight to the UK to play ATP and tour the rest of Europe with the Pink Mountaintops, during which time their debut album, Embrace, will finally see a proper release via All Tomorrows Parties Recordings.

You are putting Embrace out worldwide on May 26th on ATP/R (All Tomorrow’s Parties Recordings); which came first, the invitation to play the festival or the record deal?

Brett Constantino (vocals): I think they both came simultaneously. Todd our manager is good friends with Deborah and Barry who own the label and the festival. Read more »

The Love Me Nots interview; playing Los Angeles and Orange County this weekend

photo by Sergio "Big Swig" Garcia

In August, Phoenix, AZ’s The Love Me Nots released their sophomore album Detroit on their own label, Atomic A Go Go Records. Recorded in Detroit, MI with Jim Diamond (White Stripes, The Dirtbombs, Von Bondies, The Willows), Detroit over clears the bar that the band set so high for themselves with their stellar 2007 debut, In Black & White (also recorded by Diamond), of which I have written about numerous times in the past.

In anticipation of The Love Me Nots performance at the Juke Joint in Anaheim on Friday and on Saturday in East Los Angeles with The Seeds for The Vex‘s benefit concert for Self Help Graphics, I asked Nicole (lead singer and Farfisa player) a few questions about working with Diamond and the new album. Read more »

Rademacher Interview with Malcolm Sosa


IfAN: So now that you have wrapped up your whirlwind November of triple residencies and have given away your new album Stunts, have you had anytime to sit back and reflect on it all…what worked, what didn’t?

Malcolm: I don’t quite know how to answer that one yet, but if the question was more along the lines of, “Would you do it all over again?”, than the answer would be yes. I think we could and would do it for every record release we do. It was everything we could hope for: we played a bunch of shows and saw over a hundred of our friends’ bands share the stage with us over the course of the month and we got to have a lot of control over who we played with — so it was like booking our own rock club with bands from all over the state. Read more »

Interview with Longhair Illuminati’s Phil Pirrone

Longhair Illuminati is a local Southern California based record label started by former A Static Lullaby bassist Phil Pirrone. In anticipation of the label having the whole front room to themselves at the Knitting Factory tonight, I asked Phil a few questions about the label to better acquaint myself and you dear readers with what is going on over at the Illuminati.

IfAN: What was the catalyst for starting Longhair Illuminati?
Phil: I spent a few years on a major label with my previous band and didn’t like the way things were done. People at those companies have their heads so far up their asses it’s sad. I decided I was smarter than they were and had no other choice than to start my own label.

IfAN: How did the label mushroom from being an imprint for Casket Salesmen releases to working with the bands you do now?
Phil: Well, it never started as just an imprint. The intent was always to give sincere and talented artists a community to release their music. Read more »

The Airborne Toxic Event new video and interview

Does This Mean You're Moving On - Directed by Jason Wishnow

The Airborne Toxic Event recently released their first music video for their single, “Does This Mean You’re Moving On?” from their 3 song ep that was self-released here in the States and by Square Records in the UK, and I had a chance to ask Mikel (singer/guitarist) over email a few questions about the video and their recent trek to the UK. Also for some more background on the band, check out Joe’s interview with Mikel from last year on Radio Free Silver Lake.

IAF: The video for “Does This Mean Your Moving On” turned out great, how did you guys get hooked up with Jason Wishnow, his Oedipus vegetable short is great. 
Mikel: Thank you. That’s very kind. Jason and I have been friends for a long time. We went to college together. We’ve always been peripherally involved in one another’s projects. He did a play in college that was set in a cafe. I was the singer in the cafe. He used to make short films and I would be in them. I would play shows and he would always say he wanted to play the bass. (That’s bass, the fish, as in Chilean sea bass. He wanted to stand on stage with an enormous bass fish, like nothing was going on. That’s just how he thinks.) Read more »