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Proposing a RIYL #hashtag for Twitter

I’ve been using for a while now (ever since I joined their affiliate ad network that granted me free use of their streaming service) and the one biggest gripes I have with the service is its lack of music discovery tools. I plan on fleshing out this post into something longer with suggestions for improvements, but for now I’d like to just propose the simple use of of #hashtags for listening suggestions on Twitter.

#MOG #RIYL and either some similar artists or a short description of the music sound. If anyone else has any other ideas of how to share listening suggestions on, please chime in.

Woodsman on #MOG #RIYL dreamy psyched out instrumentals – …playing in Irvine tonight!less than a minute ago via web

Bandega launches in the Bay Area

I know I have been lagging on the Random Bytes section, I have come across a lot of great stuff lately, I just haven’t had time to get on here an post it.

Well, this little nugget was triggered by a brief mention on Wired’s Listening Post Blog this morning. Bandega is another Web 2.0 event monitoring website that is much closer to getting it right. And by getting it right, they are combining user submitted material along with an editor who is filtering and adding their own content in an effort create a niche website for the indie/punk/metal/rock crowd in the San Francisco area. This model could be transfered to other cities that have thriving scenes with many multiple shows going on each night. But in my mind, what it is going to take for sites like this to take off is to get the promoters involved and actually use these third party sites to promote their shows, because relying on user submitted content alone will not be sufficient enough to fill the sites up with relevant material (a common problem with many web 2.0 start ups that rely solely on community members providing their own content).

Feedslice – Band News RSS


A interesting post popped up in my feed reader from the Wired: Listening Post column this morning. Feedslice, developed by Johnathan Gill, will be a dedicated Band News RSS delivery service which will let fans browse band news items by genre, popularity, and tag, or by creating their own customized filter.

What’s also interesting is Gill is paying 4 cents a feed to anyone who contributes an approved official band news feed, check out the details here. **Note, MySpace RSS feeds are not accepted, though, in this day in age, Gill might want to reconsider, as most band websites are too technologically outdated to generate rss feeds and most bands have migrated to MySpace to broadcast their news due to the site’s ease of use and overwhelming popularity.

Read the entire Wired: Listening Post for more techy nerdy info and background on Gill.

Bogged Down by Web 2.0


As part of my job I need to keep up on what is going on around the web, so along with the music and political blogs I read, I also keep up with a few digital tech blogs that specifically relate the music industry, marketing and PR, and Macs, most notably Micro Persuasion, The Tao of Mac, TUAW, Digital Media Wire, Download Squad.

And it seems like every day there is some new social networking site either launching or aquiring venture capital funding. Most of the time I take a brief look at the site if it’s description perks my interest, but more often that not, each site is the same old retread of something else that is already out there. How many different profiles can a person keep track of. I have a MySpace page that I really only use to keep track of what the bands I like are up to (I will save the post for how bands are blowing it by relying on MySpace so heavily for another day), a MOG page which is cool but I haven’t really kept up with, for a while I was posting parts of my posts from here on there, but got over it. Then there is my Last FM page which I sometimes glance at, my page I use to keep track of shows I am interested in, and finally my Linked In page which I only look at when I get a “connection” request from someone.

And there lies the problem. Who has the time to maintain 5 different profiles?

It doesn’t seem like things will be improving anytime soon, because at this point no one has either figured out a be all end all site that does everything you want or a way for a person to integrate and manage all their profiles from one place. The one thing I have found that may hold some promise in the future is an application called Spyder which I have downloaded and installed but not used yet. What it does is allow you to manage your MySpace profile from your desktop. Now at this time it only manages your MySpace profile, but with so many Web 2.0 sites opening up their sites to developers with APIs, there is a glimmer of hope that Spyder may someday offer the ability to manage many different profiles, and if not Spyder, then someone else will surely pick up the slack.

And hopefully Wired and all the tech forecasters are wrong and we don’t start living our lives entirely online, effectively turning into a society of social retards because we don’t know how maintain relationships in the real world. Did you know people are spending real money in Sim games to buy imaginary Sim products? Crazy I know. I can’t believe it either, I have too much trouble making the real thing, to throw it away on something imaginary.